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Bloodline Wills Explained

Those who do not have a legally valid will in place, risk the possibility of their estate (house, other property, money, businesses, etc.) being distributed after death in a way that does not represent their true wishes, potentially leaving some of their closest family members in the dark at an already-upsetting time. 

Inheritance planning and setting up an accurate will is essential if you want your family to have financial protection and you want to secure your estate and keep it in your family, whether it’s your hard-earned business, money, property, family heirlooms or any other possessions that you leave behind when you pass away. 

Bloodline wills, which are on offer here at Union Wills, are particularly useful in protecting your inheritance from a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or any other individual that is not related to you by blood and may not be trustworthy.

Bear in mind that even if you have named your children in your standard will, other people could still be next in-line to benefit from their inheritance, which is why it is so important to write an accurate will with the help of legal, trained professionals. 

Here’s our extensive guide to bloodline wills & trusts in the UK, and information on how you can start setting yours up today right here at Union Wills.

What is a bloodline will? 

This is essentially a will that contains a trust. This trust is specifically designed to ensure that your assets remain in your family, or bloodline, so the beneficiaries are usually your children, their children, and so on. 

The trust is discretionary, so the trustees (who can be your children) are not legally required to pay out the funds if they choose not to. This is often useful under circumstances where they may not want to inherit, for example, during a divorce or soon after bankruptcy (see example below). 

It is easy to assume that leaving everything to your children in a basic will means that your estate will then be passed down to your grandchildren when the time comes, but this is rarely the case and your grandchildren could end up with nothing. 

The best way to ensure that your legacy remains in your blood family is to place your assets or funds in a trust.


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What is a bloodline trust?

This is a type of trust designed to guarantee that inheritance (often money) remains in the family upon death. Its purpose is to protect the inheritance of your children and grandchildren (their descendants) from the likes of ex-partners. 

Assets in bloodline trusts can only be used for the health, education, maintenance or support of your children or grandchildren, which means that they are safe from being inherited by anyone that is not a direct descendant of yours. The assets can be used at any time for the benefit of the named beneficiaries, but no third-parties are able to access them. 

Despite often being overlooked, a bloodline trust and will provide an essential safety net for your children and grandchildren, ensuring that your legacy is protected within the family.

To start planning your will today, register with us at Union Wills – our team is on hand should you need any help or advice tailored to your individual situation.

When should you consider a bloodline trust in the UK?

Many people choose to set up this type of trust to ensure that their assets remain with their blood relatives, away from the grasp of untrustworthy sons- and daughters-in-law. It has been reported that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, so this is not an uncommon dilemma - putting plans in place is highly advisable and should not be considered anything but precautionary. 

A bloodline trust should be considered when your son- or daughter-in-law: 

  • Is not good at managing money.
  • Often loses jobs or is in an insecure position.
  • Has an addiction, such as gambling.
  • Is abusive towards your child or grandchildren.
  • Mistreats your child and is unfaithful.
  • Has a child from a previous marriage.

Issues that can arise without a trust

Without a bloodline trust or will in place, your assets could end up in the hands of: 

  • An ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law
  • Your grandchildren’s future step-parents 
  • Someone else’s grandchildren 
  • HM Revenue & Customs or your local authority

You may never have even met some of the people that could eventually inherit your possessions, and due to the many complexities that can arise in a modern family, it is essential that you are cautious and diligent when planning your will to protect your estate. 

How to set up a bloodline trust or will 

You can set up a bloodline will today here at Union Wills – all you have to do is register to become a member and then you’ll be able to start writing your will online yourself.

By doing so, you will secure your family’s inheritance and provide yourself with invaluable peace of mind, knowing that the contents of your trust will be handled in-line with your exact wishes.


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How much does a bloodline will cost? 

We offer a free basic single will to all trade union members, but those who want a more detailed will that includes a bloodline trust may need to pay a small fee. 

How much does it cost to set up a bloodline trust? The price varies from person-to-person, typically depending on the complexity of the will and the value of the estate, but we will always remain transparent and up-front about our fees along the way, so be sure to contact us to find out how much you would be charged. 

Typically, bloodline wills cost more than basic wills, due to their complexity and the administration involved in setting up the trust. 

An example of a bloodline trust: How to keep inheritance from a daughter-in-law or son-in-law

To help you get a better understanding of how this specific type of trust could be used in real-life situations, here’s an example: 

Andy and Elaine have a daughter named Lucy, who is married to Scott. Lucy and Scott have two sons, but Scott has become physically abusive towards Lucy and she is unhappy in the relationship. Andy and Elaine pass away and a year later, Lucy and Scott get a divorce. Andy and Elaine had set up a bloodline trust with Union Wills before they passed away, with Lucy being the beneficiary and the trustee. When divorce is filed for, Lucy is temporarily removed as a trustee and her sister Lola takes up the role until divorce proceedings are over. Lucy is reinstated as the trustee when the divorce has been completed and the assets in the trust remain exclusively for her and her descendants, safely away from her ex-partner Scott. 

Bloodline trust disadvantages and advantages

There are, of course, advantages and potential disadvantages to bloodline trusts in the UK. 

The key benefits include the following: 

  • It is specifically designed to keep assets within a family.
  • The trust protects the inheritance of your children and their descendants.
  • You receive peace of mind in the knowledge that your possessions are guaranteed to only be handed down to your children and their descendants. 
  • Assets are only able to be inherited by blood relatives (your children and grandchildren).
  • Trusts are not accessible to current or ex sons- or daughters-in-law. 
  • The trust ends in the event of your child’s death, but the remaining funds can only be paid to their descendants. 
  • You can revoke the trust during your lifetime if you choose to do so. 

One of the most notable disadvantages of bloodline trusts includes the fact that the assets held within the trust can only be used for the beneficiaries’ health, education, maintenance and/or support. Some may see this as a benefit, as they know exactly what will happen to their legacy, but others may be put off by the restrictions that are applicable. 

Can anyone make bloodline wills in the UK?

Some people might be tempted to make their own arrangements by using a bloodline will template, but this comes with a vast number of risks and could lead to the will being invalid when the time comes to execute it. 

If you make any sort of error – for example, if you use the wrong legal wording when nominating an executor – then your will could become void and your final wishes will not be taken into consideration, resulting in your estate being divided amongst family members in accordance with the rules of intestacy

The best and most secure way to write a will, set up a bloodline trust and avoid intestacy rules is through a specialist professional service. 


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Make a bloodline will 

If you are absolutely sure that you want your estate to remain in your family, a bloodline will is a must-have as a type of ‘family protection policy’. 

Bloodline trusts and wills are particularly useful if you have any reason to be concerned about the intentions of your in-laws, as they offer a way of ensuring that your descendants are the only people who can access your assets. 

Rather than taking on the task of writing a will or setting up a trust yourself, why not let us do all the work for you? 

Simply register with Union Wills to get started with planning your will online for financial protection today. Should you experience any problems, get in touch with us today by completing our short contact form and our team of experts will be happy to advise you.

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